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Dan Frankel - Gun Safety Measures

Dan Frankel Discusses Commonsense Gun Safety Measures

As our country and state leaders sit on their hands and fail to help make our communities safer, more people die from gun violence every day. It’s time to give city officials the power they need to regulate weapons within their borders and prevent more senseless deaths.

Dan Frankel - Ending Workplace Discrimination

Ending Workplace Discrimination

No one should ever be a victim of workplace discrimination or sexual harassment, and we cannot and will not accept this behavior as normal.

Dan Frankel - Hate Crimes Bill

A Comprehensive Hate Crimes Bill

We need to make a statement that hate crimes will not be tolerated.

Dan Frankel - Don't Put Profit Ahead of Safety

Drillers should be nowhere near schools, daycares, and our homes

We put our constituents at risk when we put profit ahead of safety.

Dan Frankel - Clean Water

Protect Our Clean Water

This could be one of the tools that help us protect clean water throughout the state.

Dan Frankel - Health impacts of Fracking

Health Care Providers Express Concern Over Gag Order Related to Fracking Practices

Doctors, and not politicians, should be the ones dispensing medical advice.

Dan Frankel - Evidence Based Medicine

The Patient Trust Amendment

Health care providers should not be forced to give false information to patients or practice in a way that contradicts their expertise.

Dan Frankel Stands with Women's Rights

We Must Stand for Women’s Rights and Against Senate Bill 3

The choice must be left between a woman, her doctor, and her family.

Dan Frankel - Gun Reform Vote

We Have the Opportunity to Save Lives

Whoever destroys a single life has destroyed the whole world. Whoever saves a single life has saved the whole world.

Dan Frankel - Moms Demand Action

We Must Take Action Against Domestic Violence

House bill 2060 is a common sense bill with bi-partisan support. We MUST pass it!