Government Reforms

We need an independent redistricting committee, more transparency around campaign finance, and laws that make it easier for people to vote.

More than half of Pennsylvanians agree with Rep. Frankel on the issues that he has spent more than two decades fighting for — LGBTQ civil rights, women’s reproductive rights and public protections against gun violence — but each of those issues continue to be an uphill climb in the General Assembly. More than anything else, the reason for this incongruence in legislative action comes down to this: Pennsylvania is among the worst states in the nation when it comes to redistricting, campaign finance and ethics laws. 

Republicans are working to run out the clock in fixing a terrible redistricting system that protects them. Rep. Frankel has consistently cosponsored and voted for an independent, non-partisan redistricting commission that creates new districts based on creating compact and similar communities. The day that Pennsylvania makes this change is that day that our laws start to reflect the will of the voters. 

Similarly, Rep. Frankel finds our state’s lack of limits and transparency in the areas campaign finance or even cash gifts to be an embarrassment to the state and a threat to good policy. 

Lastly, Rep. Frankel supports a variety of bills that would make it easier for voters to make their voices heard. You should be able to easily vote, whether you have a disability, an unstable address, an inflexible work schedule or you’re incarcerated.