For two decades, he's been fighting for the issues important to the people of Pittsburgh, and all across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Dan Frankel has been one of the fiercest champions for women’s reproductive rights and health care in the legislature for two decades. He organized the Women’s Health Caucus in the mid-2000s to help legislators quickly respond to attacks on women’s health care including abortion rights and access to family planning. Dissatisfied with always being on the defensive, he worked with advocacy organizations to craft a pro-active package of bills to advance women’s health and equality in the Commonwealth, the Agenda for Women’s Health.

A passionate advocate for civil rights, Dan Frankel has fought for protection from discrimination for LGBTQ+ community since his arrival in the legislature in 1999. His signature legislation, the Pennsylvania Fairness Act, would ensure that no Pennsylvanian could be denied housing, fired from their job, or kicked out of a restaurant or business because of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Dan Frankel has introduced legislation to strengthen the Clean Indoor Air Law in Pennsylvania to protect all workers and their families from the harmful effects of second and third-hand smoke and to allow local governments the ability to have stronger public health measures than the state.

He has also called for effective taxation and regulation of the natural gas drillers since the inception of the industry. At a time when we face a serious structural deficit, it makes no sense to give away our natural resources without asking drillers to do their fair share.

Dan fights for real gun policy reform laws that protect our citizens, schools, and children.

More than half of Pennsylvanians agree with Rep. Frankel on the issues that he has spent more than two decades fighting for -- LGBTQ civil rights, women’s reproductive rights and public protections against gun violence -- but each of those issues continues to be an uphill climb in the General Assembly. More than anything else, the reason for this incongruence in legislative action comes down to this: Pennsylvania is among the worst states in the nation when it comes to redistricting, campaign finance and ethics laws.